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Yves Grange

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sales, sharpening and  remoulding

AFFUT'LAMES MOBILE Craftsman from father to son since 1959, I travel throughout the Geneva basin, Haute Savoie and Ain

travel by appointment in restaurants click on the button below to make an appointment

Tél: 06 71 80 25 37

Frais de déplacements au delà de 10 klm


AFFUT'LAMES MOBILE Craftsman from father to son since 1959, the sharpening and knife company was created in 2015 with one objective: to offer quality cutlery in the Geneva Basin region. Our passion for excellence has always been and will remain our driving force. We have had excellent feedback from our customers on our services, and this is what keeps them coming back to us. See for yourself and come see us!

Partenaire officiel

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Revendeurs professionnels
avec plus de 500 

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Items on sale

Japanese knife sharpening specialist

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Kitchen knife

Sale, sharpening and sharpening of knives of all kinds, contact me for more details

Japanese knife

Sale of Japanese knives in the purest tradition with sharpening and sharpening

Knife from Thiers, Opinel, Laguiole, regional knives, from France, open to any other request

Sale of any brand of knives on request.

Opening time

Come meet us

Mon - Fri: 7:30 a.m. -  12 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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Contact us

Déplacement sur tout le Bassin Genevois, Genève et Canton de Vaud sur demande du lundi au samedi 
n'hésitez pas a me contacter pour toute demande particulière 

74520 Valleiry

06 71 80 25 37

Thank you for what you sent !


Services et prestations TTC

  • toute sorte de couteaux, japonais, thiers, de chasses, de cuisines...

    entre 4,80€ et 7,80€
  • Robot de coupe, lames, râpes, hachoirs, disques de trancheuses...

    entre 9,60€ et 30€
  • Ciseaux en tout genres

    entre 6€ et 14€
  • Lame de jardin et outillage

    dés 7,50€
  • 89 euros
  • 89 euros
  • 69 euros
  • 93 euros
  • 54 euros
  • 54 euros

B. Mickael

"I am a client of Yves  for a long time, ume person who knows how to listen and needs the customer, professional and competent I can only recommend him.  "


D. Demoiseau

“I had to deal with Yves  for the sale of Japanese knives it was a pure pleasure, we feel the passion in this craftsman, he was very good advice.  "


S. Roux

“Having a restaurant, I have regularly sharpened my kitchen knives for years at Affut'lames mobile, Yves  is a listening person and very professional and sympathetic  "

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